General Culture


Kel’edon is a cross between medieval in its towns and cities to Celtic Britain in its rural and villages. the techs level is low, some cross bows, catapults, aqueducts, some basic sewerage in the more affluent areas of the queen’s city but on the whole none existent.

This is a matriarchal society dedicated to the belief and blessings of the goddesses. the cycles of life and womanhood are honoured greatly. this does not mean men are second class citizens, they are fully involved in society and can inherit baring a direct female air, saving the crown which may only ever be worn by a woman.

On the whole is it a peaceful country but has known war in the past and is capable of holding its own. The Queen and those of the past often prefer the quieter use of her shadows to all out warfare.

Urban Kel’edonian’s are open minded to new ideas and developments of technology and change. Rurally they tend to be more reserved and traditionalists.


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