Lady Kedwyn Lythana

Second in comand of the shadows


Full Name: Kedwyn Lythana
Nationality: Kele’donian
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Social Status: Noble
Marital Status: Single few casual relationships, never married, nothing serious.
Goddess: Falwyn


Hair: dark flame red
Eyes: Emerald Green
Skin: *pale with dusting of tiny freckles across nose.
medium, well toned athletic and flexible.
Hight: *5’2” and a half!
*Every day clothing:
soft leathers, doe skin trews, dark cotton tunics, leather boots.
Best/Event/Evening clothing: Scrubs up well dresses in finest silks and velvets but she has her evening and formal court ware specially made to incorporate the tools of her trade and easy to remove if needed for fight or flight with simple legging and vest tops underneath.
Scars, Birth marks or Deformity’s: several scars from her years in the field, one large one on her right side where a knife almost ended her life and one on her left shoulder where an arrow found its mark. Calluses on her hands from her training. Tattoo on the front right shoulder of a stalking black hunter cat with a ancient rune of shadow underneath.
vengeance rune on the palm of her right hand.
General Every day:quiet but direct and no nonsense attitude sometimes intimidating with her reputation.
Good habits:Kind deep down, supportive and loyal
Bad habits:quick to anger, can hold a grudge, hard to please.
Temper:quick to anger and to cool down but often calculated and methodic.
how they act in public/private/by their self:publicly she is brisk when not quiet, unapproachable unless she is in ‘diplomat’ mode which is rare in normal company. Privately she is much the same except with a trusted few who see her ‘nicer’ side.
How do they react to confrontation/danger/compassion/charity/the opposite sex/etc:her reactions vary depending on situation and the information she has about it, often cool and calm and confident, not good with accepting charity and compassion as she looks for the hidden motive, she has no problem dealing with men in any situation she treats men and women equally in all matters of life from training them to killing them.
Childhood:they say she was born a shadow, in truth that statement is close to reality. Born to Lady Quentria Lythana master spy and assassin, her blood father unknown and her blood family on her mother’s side disapproving, the shadows became her surrogate family. She was watched over and trained by them from the cradle.
Teenage/Young years:her education intensified from states craft to weapons craft, languages to poisons.
Adult years: full time shadow!
Major Events: her first ‘killing’, first and only victory with sai over Byr, the murder of her mother and the swearing of the vengeance vow
Occupations:Shadow, assassin, spy.
Mother: Quentria Lythana (dead) strong bond between the two.
Father: Unknown, Ralek her mother’s lover in later years became as much a father to her as any of blood could.
Siblings: none that she knows of
Other relatives of note Lady and Lord Lythana, grandparents frosty relationship. Lady Brythana Lythana, Aunty, friendly but distant. Ulrana and Licca, cousins ok relationship they are in awe of her.
Family professions/guilds:Family are nobles of old, diplomats and royal advisors.
Family Background Well thought of family respected and well to-do. Wealthy, but kind to servants and tenants.
Friends: A few still living most were targeted for murder by the betrayer and his followers.

Of those living notably:
Ralek her adopted father,
Byr her old armsmaster,
Seryana her ex lover and fellow spy mistress,
Teran grizzly brawling brother like friend, Royal guard and pain in the ass but she love him anyway,
Gaway master assassin, sword dancer and ex lover,
Jamie her fellow shadow noted for his skill with locks, ex lover.

Foes:few still living most killed by her hand, may be some she has yet to find, but thats only a matter of time.

Lady Kedwyn Lythana

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